What is Hytar?

We introduce HYTAR token as a robust membership token with stable coin characteristics. HYTAR (HT) is a membership token, and may therefore be classified as a utility token. Tied to real-lifereal estate investments of our group companies, our utility token is asset-backed by direct real estateinvestments as well as by the real estate securities of our group companies. This way, our HTconstitutes a continuous stable ownership value to its holders, to be converted in to securities or crypto at any time.

Acces to ACE

HYTAR token is created to provide access to Amsterdam Coin Exchange (ACE) services. ACE is based in a decentralized, token-based ecosystem. ACE allowing you to trade on the exchange with the best spot price per coin. That means you can benefit yourself with a trade on our exchange which we provide you.

High Yield

Participating investors may aquire any of the top-20 most traded crypto currency with a 1 – 3% cheaper than any traditional crypto exchanges. Sometimes an asset-backed value coin may even be acquired at discounts of a 5 – 10% per trade.


ACE is a firm believer and active proponent of a decentralized crypto-trading platform. The next step is achieving this goal. Participants in this reserve fund shall obtain tokenized voting rights. HYTAR members may also choose for expanding, changing or liquidating the allocation of funds to the reserve.


All net proceeds of the issue will be invested in residential real estate in The Netherlands by our group real estate investment companies Thuisborg Finance and Vondellaan Vastgoed. Within a mix of liquid securities issue (bonds) with a duration of 3 months – 3 years and direct investments (registered ownership) with a duration of 2 – 5 years.


All net proceeds of the token placement will remain in the reserve. The capital invested, in addition to its annual yield, will remain to be kept by the investors at the disposal of the exchange and exclusively for the benefit of the ACE platform. Covering at all times a minimum of 100% of its maximum outstanding theoretical obligations at any point in time.

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Problem HYTAR solves

The problem from the perspective of the crypto-users, is that market participants often no longer support ICO’s.

HYTAR aims to provide market participants with alternative solutions, with a secure feeling that they support a real estate exploitation firm, committed to co-creating a decentralized real estate investment community.

Our HYTAR constitutes a fusion of real estate exclusive membership with all of the advantages of the latest
advancement in crypto. As membership token, HYTAR is a class crypto designated as a utility. However, as our group companies are active in real-life real estate investments, HYTAR also constitutes a continuous stable ownership value to its holders, to be converted in to securities or crypto at any time.

HYTAR application as utility token

Our standard allows for the implementation of a standard API for Membership Verification Token (MVT) within smart contracts (called entities). This standard provides basic functionality to track membership of individuals in certain on-chain ‘organizations’. This allows for several use cases like automated compliance, and several forms of governance and membership structures.

Connectivity across payments networks

Instant, on-demand settlement

Real-time traceability of funds


A ‘stable coin’ is a crypto that is pegged to another asset, like gold or the U.S. dollar. It’s a stability that is global, but not tied to a central bank. This allows for practical uses such as the transfer of value.


Our crypto assets are stored offline and safeguarded within a separate legal custodial entity. If you suffer damage a result of hacks or malfunctions on our systems, weas will compensate you for this damage in accordance with our user conditions.


Besides its scalability, the fact that this reserve is backed by our group real estate investment companies support further growth and a steady stream of revenue-generating.


Acquiring HYTAR, includes the voting rights incorporated in it. This ensures proper governance of the funds invested and reflects our philosophy, ambition and current development in the step by step development and growth of a decentralized trading and exchange system, backed-up by real estate investments.


HYTAR is part of a group structure including real estate investments, it also constitutes a continuous stable ownership value to its holders, to be converted in to securities or crypto at any time.


The HYTAR token holder has voting rights in any poll, regardless of the number of tokens. As soon as a holder has cast a vote, it is immediately processed in every holders wallet on the blockchain. Every user can vote again on each new poll.


Hytar token is implemented on a private blockchain, which runs on the Quorum blockchain. Quorum means; ‘the minimum number of persons or members that must be present for the voting procedure to be considered as valid’.


Our HYTAR is an asset-backed value and stable membership token, with voting rights. As a real investment, -trading and -development company, we have traditionally been targeting an exclusively Dutch investor public in the period 2004-2018. As of June 2019, our HYTAR will also provide us with an audience of international private value token holders.

Token Allocation

  • Token Price


  • Pre Sale start

    june 2019


    1,000,000 HT

  • Total Supply

    1,000,000 HT


    800,000 HT


    3 months

*Unsold token from pre sale period will be burned

Why Buy Hytar

Holders of HYTAR will be facilitated to realize higher returns when trading crypto on the Amsterdam Coin Exchange.

When buying HYTAR tokens, you are allowed to make the best buying and selling transactions available on the Amsterdam Coin Exchange.

When using HYTAR, you are allowed to acquire any token or coin at the best price on any market, but also to sell off such token or coin on our market at the best price on any market.





We accept

By each new round of offering HYTAR tokens, the more token investors invest in our reserve fund, the more trading possibilities they will collectively receive on Amsterdam Coin Exchange!


the process of our program
  • 2017
  • Q4   2017
    Concept Amsterdam Coin Exchange

    Business Plan, EU legal compliance

    Online EU real estate bond offering platform

  • 2018
  • Q1   2018
    HYTAR Initiative

    Build-up HYTAR team

    HYTAR Blockchain Prototype

  • Q2   2018

    HYTAR Team Scale-up

    ACE MVP online crypto trading development

  • Q3   2018
    Platform building

    HYTAR Membership Project

    Toolkit Dev, Admin/ Service Admin Release

  • Q4   2018
    Domestic Service Initiative


    HYTAR Testnet update

    Request for proposal for token advisors

    Advisor White Paper release

  • 2019
  • Q1   2019 January - February

    ACE platform open to EU real estate bond holders

    HYTAR Blockchain Release

    Launch Domestic Service & Marketing

    Service Expansion/Evolution


    HYTAR Testnet update

    HYTAR Consumer White Paper Release

  • Q1   2019 March - April (30 days)
    Private Funding round

    Public announcement HYTAR placement

    Registration Phase crypto investors

    Advisors nomination and Partner Programs

  • Q2   2019 April - July (90 days)
    Start public sale

    Public sale Hytar Membership token

    Opening ACE to HYTAR token holders

    ACE Crypto to bond integration

    ASAB development and introduction

  • Q3   2019

    Service expansion and evolution

    HYTAR Testnet update

    ACE open to third party crypto offerings

  • 2020
  • 2020
    Roll out Platform ACE

    Spot- and OTC-trading

    Margin trading

    Anonymous instant exchange

    Decentralized (on-chain) exchange


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